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The 2018 Election & Change to the House of Representatives

images“The Dems take the House! The Dems took the House!” said all the pundits last night around 10 p.m. Then the speculation began about the plans for what they would do with the House now that they have it.

“Nancy Pelosi will be Speaker again.”

“We’ve been told that the first thing they will do is subpoena Trump’s tax returns!”

“They can now spend time fighting Trump; that’s their priority!”

Then I started to think about the exit polls and what the voters said they cared about. Here is what they said in no particular order: They care about health care. They care about immigration. They care about jobs and the economy. Nowhere did any of them say they cared about Trump’s tax returns.

I beg you, newly elected people, to change the trajectory of our nation and our politics.

When the GOP took the House during Obama’s first midterm, did they say that the first thing they were going to do was to request an inquiry about Obama’s birth certificate? Nope, they didn’t say or do that. They attacked health care.

How can it already be a certainty that Nancy Pelosi will be Speaker when the new members of Congress haven’t yet said their thank-yous for being elected?

Look, if you want to reelect Trump in 2020, then go ahead, my newly elected Congress, and spend all your time trying to make him look like the crook that he is. The majority of the voters don’t care about this. They KNOW he cheats on his tax returns and is indebted to foreign countries for funding his ridiculous investments. They KNOW he treats women like shit. They KNOW he lies every time he opens his mouth. They don’t care. They care about themselves.

I am a marketing strategist by trade. I tell my clients all the time that no one cares about them; people care about themselves and what you or your product can do for them. The voters have spoken. They do not care about the injustices of Trump’s moralless compass. They care about health care and immigration and jobs. They told you that. They say it loud and clear every time we ask and every time they vote.

So, for the next two years, spend your time, new Congress, on doing the citizens’ business, making their lives better. Spending time making Trump’s life worse is not your job. That said, you can counter things he might do that sacrifice what we stand for as a nation. He can no longer get rid of Mueller, for example.

But it’s time to ignore him as a person, and get to work for me, the people. Spend your time building things for us in the areas in which we have needs. Then, and only then, can you stop this ridiculous downslide of all we hold dear. That goes for the media as well. Ignore him. Write about what is being done, and hold our newly elected officials accountable for all that they promised to do. Talk about the laws that are enacted. Talk about government, not the yellow head who has no right to hold center stage this long.

Then we will have a chance in 2020.

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