Business Women

My To Do List

My to do list is longer than my life span. Sadly, that is not written to be funny, but a simple statement of fact. I sometimes say it out loud on my way somewhere in the car to see how it sounds. 

Not only is my To Do List longer than my life span, but unfortunately, it’s written in too many places to be able to manage the triage aspect of what to tackle first. Sometimes I write my to do list in the “Task” part of my outlook. Sometimes I write it in my notebook that I think I carry everywhere I go but never seems to be there when I need it. I’ve left it on my desk at the office, or the counter at home, or my purse that is in the backseat of my unlocked parked car. (Let’s not discuss that issue.) I even write them in the alarm clock section of my blackberry, not to be confused with my IPhone that I’m trying out to see if I want to switch over permanently. Yes, I carry two phones (I’m not alone you know), and they both have task sections that have to do’s in them.

I took the Franklin Covey course which calls for you to separate out your to do lists; personal versus business. You also have this other list that is your wish list for your personal growth. I love the Franklin Covey system in theory, but I hate the way the book takes up so much space, weighs a ton and unfortunately looks unattractively eighties. These things matter because your to do list is like your glasses, never far away.

I have read a lot about managing to do lists. There are lots of books and articles on the subject. I spend a lot of time reading them. I underline aspects of them and write their pearly words of wisdom in my notebook or in Word on my computer where I then file them in the “Personal Growth” folder in My Documents in my computer. I have two computers that both have the file; one at the office and one at home, so that doesn’t help me much either. I know Sarah will go to the personal growth folder first when I’m dead. She will surely be disappointed that there are no words of my own in it, only words from others telling me how to grow personally which surely could be an oxymoron.

I think after rereading this that I’m done with to do lists. If I don’t remember to do it, it will not get done. There was one book that said if you can’t catch up with your to do list, throw it out and start over. If something doesn’t come back you, you cannot worry about it not getting done. That saying might actually not be about to do lists, but rather relationships – if he doesn’t come back to you, you never had him to begin with… whatever. To Do Lists. Boyfriends. It’s all the same.

If anyone reading this has been promised something by me, and its important to you, please email it to me and I’ll add it to the ONE notebook that will now serve as my TOTAL to do list which I am not going to call a to do list but rather My Notebook.