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Movie Review: Money Never Sleeps

I loved it. All the reviewers are wrong. It’s fabulous. What is it about sequels and reviewers? The only sequel I can remember that won the hearts of reviewers was the Godfather II, and we all know that it’s not really a movie anyway, it’s a movement. Anyway, I think the time for putting down sequels is over except in the case of Hannibal which was terrible. The minute Jodi Foster said no they should have put it on the shelf never to see the darkness of a theater.

The music is perfect. It builds, then takes away, just like real life money. The story line has just enough of the painful past few years on Wall Street to tantalize your thoughts that maybe there was more behind what happened during the melt down three years ago than meets the eye. (Duh) Ok, I knew there was more to what went down over the last years than I wanted to admit, but let’s face it, it was in the middle of an election to beat all elections, and I was too scared like the rest of us normal citizens to really want to peel away the layers.

Every one’s acting is perfect. The only thing that doesn’t win is the accents from Long Island on actors like Susan Sarandon who we know far too well to find believable as a Long Island woman. That’s the trouble with actors who have been around awhile. While their acting is great, we know them in the media in a way that makes it hard to buy the characters they play. Except for Angelina Jolie. We want her to be so many things that she can get away with it.

I love the way Oliver Stone puts things in that many won’t notice and those that do feel like they are in the back end of the secret crypt. The picture of George Soros on the mantel of the office of Bretton James. Cameos by so many (yes, Peggy Segal, I saw you, and you looked ridiculous) really are fun to watch. And, those details. The potato chips (don’t want to give it away), the use of a few of the actors from the original Wall Street, a string of women’s noses that suspiciously all look the same at a fundraiser at the Met. Been there, done that.

Michael Douglas was made for this role. (Get well soon Mr. Douglas.) I know his ex wife is suing him. It seems that their divorce agreement calls for her to receive half of any role he does that is a sequel. Apparently Mr. Douglas says this isn’t a sequel (it’s bad juju to do this sir), and so they are in court. I couldn’t help thinking that Gekko would have done the same thing. Shia LaBeouf was masterful, much more so than Charlie Sheen who was only able to be one guy on the screen; a louse, who then turned to a man with a conscience at the end. Shia showed the two-sided sword of a killer Wall Street driven creep and a sensitive man who has scruples all in the same second. Not easy. Well done.

The only weakness was the movie’s ending. Not so much Oliver. Too easy. Were you tired and just wanted to put it all to bed? I needed a little something more.