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I was watching The View last week. I watch The View because the new Obama Mini Me doesn’t have an outlet for my anger. So I watch The View and choose to hate Elizabeth Hasselbeck, who seems to be someone who thinks she knows it all but doesn’t seem to base it anything intelligent. I get home some nights, put my dinner together and hate Elizabeth. It gets rid of anger that was really focused on others and allows me to better attain my Obama Mini Me. Anyway, I was watching and I stopped dead in my tracks as I heard Whoopi Goldberg refer to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as Ahma Dinner Jacket. She actually giggled and said, “I call him that because I can’t pronounce his name.”

The ladies of The View were just honored as some of the 100 most influential people in America. They constantly talk about how seriously they discuss world issues, in a forum for women to see points of view. The hated Elizabeth called him the same thing while she ducked her head down like a demure little girl. Well, hear this ladies. If you want to be taken seriously as people with brains, and you are talking from an American platform to millions of people, and you cannot pronounce a name that no one else in journalism seems to find difficult (including that idiot Mika on Morning Joe – Do NOT get me started on her), then please get someone on The View who can. Barbara WaWa, you should be ashamed to allow that on the air. Truly. To say nothing of the fact that when Iranians see the way we do not take seriously their language, how can you possibly expect them to reach across the Ocean Aisle? 

I remember when I was in the Paris in the eighties. I was in Chanel looking at bags, and there were a ton of Americans like vultures around the counter with soft spoken, dignified French sales ladies trying to cope. There was a big guy with a Texas twang and cow boy boots looking at items. He slammed his hand down on the counter and loudly said, “How much is that in real money?” I was so ashamed. I really was, and I should have said something to the Texan, and I didn’t. 

I hope that it’s just because we are so isolated by oceans that we seem to think that everyone owes us respect for our culture, and we do not return the favor. I hope we start to think as we travel the globe that while we are somewhere else, not only do we owe the hosting country our respect for their cultural ways, but in addition, we are providing them the mirror into what our country is all about.

Whoopi, I like you girlfriend. I know if you read this you would get it right. You seem to care a lot about respect. Start showing some.