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Luke, the soon to be Pet Jet Traveler
Luke, the soon to be Pet Jet Traveler

I’m sure you are all as sick as I am with my move to LA, but I have to write about it once more. My dog, Luke, the fabulous Luke Merser, is heading to LA with me. He’s a little larger than a lap dog, however, and flying in the cabin is not an option. He’s fifteen years old, and I just know that putting him below in the cargo hold would not be pretty on the other side.

My friends all had opinions.

“Give him to me. I love Luke.” It still never ceases to amaze me that I look like the kind of person who would give her dog away. It galls me.

“You have to drive cross country with him. It’s the only way. Pack up the car and head west. It will take you a week, but he’ll be better off.” Hmmm. Not so much.

So a friend of mine who just moved to Chicago said, “Go on Pet Jet.” Pet Jet? You are kidding right? Like Net Jet, which my rich ex husband uses all the time? I had visions of Luke sitting upright while being served snacks as his jet flies by my commercial jet over the country.

Luke’s Plane

I checked it out. Pet Airways. Yep, Luke is flying in this cool plane to LA and instead of a flight attendant (I miss the term stewardess), he’s got a vet checking his pulse every five minutes. It’s not every five minutes, but I’m going to pretend that it is for my own peace of mind. Let’s face it, they probably won’t check him unless he looks catatonic.

His flight and mine cost about the same, but he also needs other things to bring along for the ride. He needs a portable water bowl, a large crate (I opted for the expanded flight seat version; extra money but at least he can stand up in his crate), some toys, a bed and treats. Sounds like Jet Blue. Don’t you have to bring your own pillow on Jet Blue?

They have their own terminal, and you can sit with your pet in the terminal until they call his flight. Doesn’t that just crack you up? My friend is taking him and I can picture her sitting and chatting with him while they wait for them to call his flight. “Luke Merser, we are ready for boarding. Please remember all your personal belongings and thanks for flying Pet Airways.”

I spoke to someone on the phone just to be sure they sounded legit. She was really nice and made me believe that she would fly her dog on this plane. Then I noticed that she had an accent. While I haven’t a prejudiced bone in my body, it occurred to me that most of customer service is in India these days, so I felt the need to trip her up if I could. I wish I were a different kind of trusting person, but I’m not and have tried to celebrate other qualities that I have and not focus on those that I don’t. How to broach the subject? Hmm. Be subtle Christine.

“So, have you ever been to Bombay? Were you born there?”

Pause. “Excuse me?”

“Well, we are talking about travel, and I’ve never been to Bombay and wondered if you had.”

“Well, no I haven’t. I live in Los Angeles and haven’t been to Europe although I hope to go.”

Alrighty then. I immediately felt guilty, and quickly thanked her for her help.

I got Luke’s confirmation in my email box and it looks just like my Delta confirmation.

So, Luke Merser is flying Pet Airways to LA, and I will pick him up when he gets there. I wonder if they will give him little wings like I got on my first flight when I was eight.

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That Luke is one lucky boy! I (and I’m sure all your followers) want to know he arrived safe and sound..and happy to be in Cali!!

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