NOW & Kennedy’s Endorsement of Obama

Ok, now I’m mad. NOW’s announcement today that Kennedy’s endorsement of Obama means he doesn’t support women is so outrageous that I’m compelled to take pen to paper and set the record straight.

Have women sunk so low that we have to attack those that do not support Hillary as anti-women? Can we not believe, truly believe, that Hillary is the best because her ability to lead and attack the terrifying issues of our time is the strongest among those running?

Must she be handicapped to win? And, if so, what does that say about us?

I remember my now ex (having nothing to do with this conversation) explained to me that after his investment banking firm spent millions to train a woman, she generally left before making partner to have a family after marrying one of the partners. I realized he was right; why should the company waste money training those that really don’t have the fire to be a partner simply because of their gender. Run the numbers. Bankers make decisions on numbers, not on the feminist issues of our time.

My daughter’s first horse show was the Hampton Classic where every youngster riding in the lead line division received a blue ribbon after the real blue ribbon was given out. I remember being disquieted thinking that she should not think because she showed up she deserved to win. Isn’t that part of the entitlement issue in this country?

Hillary must earn this nomination – if it is to be hers – because she is the candidate that we voted for over others based on how she handles herself; what she stands for, and the belief that she is best to lead us forward.

So far, I’m not impressed and will not support her. And, it has nothing to do with her gender. Are you NOW going to tell me I am not a supporter of women because I refuse to make this a gender issue and support Obama over a female?

Shame on you and any woman who votes for anything other than the person who she thinks could do the best job. And, if Hillary is elected because she’s a woman, we have set back our freedom much farther than those that seek to take away rights that are inalienably ours.

Please can we get back to issues and hope that she can run on those instead of her pant suit status?

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