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ScreenThoughtsLogo160hHello loyal Freesia Lane followers….

It’s me, terrified Christine.

I love movies. I love t.v. (or some of it), and I have really smart friends. One friend, in particular, is an award-winning documentarian, and she and I get going on movies and t.v. and the end game is me leaving with my head spinning. I love it.

Long story short, when we were at dinner with a third friend (yes, I do have more than one friend), the third friend said we should do a Siskel & Ebert show. Really? How fun would that be? Well, since none of the networks or Cable networks came running to find us, we decided to dabble a bit and do some Podcasting. Podcasting is t.v. without a visual.

I am hoping we can entice you to go and listen to one or two, sign up to receive them if you like what we are doing, or tell me to stick to Freesia, where I have a following of those that think I’m swell just the way I am.

Click here to listen on iTunes, which is the best place to listen for us to gain traction. Please be sure and rate the podcasts you listen to, and sign up if you feel inclined.

If you don’t have an iTunes account, we do have a website, so click here┬áto listen to us there.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time. And forward this to a movie-loving friend if you want to be my best friend for life.

Here’s to movies and all things screen where we can learn the lessons of our life while eating popcorn. Oh, and for the record, I’m Hollister. She’s O’Toole.



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