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Movies and Popcorn, No Butter

I love movies, and I love blogging. In the few years I’ve been writing Freesia Lane, I’ve reviewed many movies and TV shows. When HBO and other distributors started to send me movies and invited me to blog about them, I thought, Wow, I’m a reviewer. Ok, not so much, but I do love movies, and I really do love thinking during and after about what made a movie work or not work from my very limited  female dreamer’s point of view.

Then everyone started making their ridiculous Bucket Lists. I thought the movie Bucket List was ok, but it never occurred to me as I watched the film that the result of Jack’s little trip around the world fulfilling his Bucket List would be that my fellow Americans would come to believe they all had to make their own. I do follow the crowd, however, so I tried—really tried—to make my Bucket List… and came up with a bucket half full (notice I didn’t say half empty.) You simply can’t put down See a movie a week on your life’s Bucket List. It’s not seemly. But Become a successful movie reviewer seemed lofty enough. So here we are.

There is something about gathering popcorn (no butter) and a diet coke, sitting in a theater waiting for the lights to go down, and then getting lost in the popcorn and the plot and the performances. Sometimes within the first five minutes of the film you can pick out the character who is going to speak to you during the movie, or be you during the movie, or teach you something extraordinary during the movie. I love it.

So, here is my new blog, Movie and Popcorn, No Butter. I hope you will comment, debate, decry, and confirm everything I write. Please sign up to get it in your e-mail. And thanks for your support of Freesia Lane and Movies and Popcorn, No Butter. I am eternally grateful.


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