Movie Review: Sex & the City 2

I have to start this review with the fact that everyone said not to bother seeing it; that the new Sex and the City was not as good as the first one and it’s a flop. So, after seeing it, I did go look at some of the reviews and shook my head in wonderment. If you have a man review a picture made purely for women (ok, and gay men), then you will never get an understanding of the meaning of the TV show, the first movie or this one.

I went with the my ex roommate from the 70’s, Cathryn. (You know Cathryn, the right wing, maple-syrup carrying friend.) We both roared and loved every minute. Ok, that’s a bit of a defensive exaggeration; it could have been shorter, but the truth is the film is about chicks before dicks, and there is always room in one’s heart for a chicks before dicks movie with fabulous fashion and amazingly luxurious settings.

I wouldn’t (even if I was thin enough) wear anything they showed in the film, but I loved looking at all the fashion and especially the shoes. Carrie Bradshaw is not a woman I find that attractive, but she sure does look great in clothes. And, Mr. Big? Anytime. Just say the word. When he punishes her at the end by putting a black diamond on her finger, I was in heaven. And, yes, I get that one shouldn’t expect those types of things in real life, but since when is the movie theater real life?

I have to comment on Liza. All the reviews said it was painful to watch her. Look, Liza Minnelli needs to quietly retire to her country house, wherever that might be, but the rest of that marriage scene was perfect. It was filled with understanding of the intricacies of relationships and so was the rest of the movie. And, the over the top, male chorus was so cool that I want one at my sixtieth birthday party – the one I am not having. So, leave Liza alone and understand it’s hard to walk away quietly into the night from a lifetime of public adoration. A little empathy people.

There is one thing, however, that made me uncomfortable. I was a bit disquieted about the way the Muslim women were treated by the film’s plot. I just think we need to stay away from judgement-filled presentations of the intricacies of their culture, and they need to stay away from ours.

Overall ladies, it’s a must see.

Christine’s Rating: Four popcorn boxes and one Twizzlers. My highest rating.

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