Mother’s Day Epiphany

Ok, so it’s Mother’s Day again — and I’m sitting here contemplating something I heard on the Oprah Friends Channel on XM.

Alice Walker Quote
“I looked for my mother’s garden, and found myself instead.”

It sounds so great, doesn’t it? Find the garden and figure out your life. How hard could it be? Look behind the childhood garage that sits outside in the back of my soul, overgrown a bit with the ivy of the present? Not sure. Not sure.

Remember the movie Mother? Sarah (the one whose mother I am) and I laughed and laughed and loved him as well as her. Well, he wasn’t so great. Totally self absorbed and she’d checked out. My long term shrink (should I mention he’s blind — yes, yes, I went to a blind shrink to see myself better. Helllloooo?), told me that the only thing you aren’t allowed to do is check out. You can be angry at your child. You can be cruel sometimes, but you can never check out. I never have.

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