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Lunar Attack

Before President Bush was in office, I loved the fact that the United States of America never struck the first blow. We will fight and bury you, but only if you threaten or attack us. Bush then attacks Iraq, taking away our success in Afghanistan, and turning the Muslim world against us. And for the first time in our history, we attacked a country that did not threatened us. Ok, I tried to put it aside and remind myself that even great nations like my own make mistakes from time to time.

Now today, we attack the moon? Are you kidding me? Send a huge bomb into the moon and catch the debris as it rises off the moon? Have we lost our minds? What the hell has the moon done to us? Once a month, when it’s in full bloom, it provides a view from the heavens that never ceases to take our breath away. And now it has a huge hole in it where we bombed it looking for water. Why don’t we spend that $100,000,000 cleaning the water we’ve ruined instead?

There is something so innately wrong with invading the moon this way. It’s also indicative of our narcissistic, it’s all about us, approach to everything. We want to know what is beneath the moon’s surface. Let’s just send in a big bomb, blow up a huge crater, take pictures of what we want and we are on our way outta there. Damage be damned.

So many moon memories. My first kiss was under a full moon. My daughter’s favorite book each night for months was Goodnight Moon. We landed on the moon singing ‘Fly Me to the Moon’ in my Cougar; it lit the way to many a night’s adventures including stealing a pumpkin in a pumpkin patch with my child and her friend and then going back the next day and paying for it. Now, you want me to add this to the list? Not a chance. After this post, I’m turning off the TV and not watching any coverage of it. Leave my gentle moon alone you idiots.

Speaking of idiots, I just heard someone from NASA say he doesn’t know what they will find when they do this. What if they find that the core is not as stable as ours and this causes some damage? While that may be ridiculous, we don’t do invasive surgery on people when there is another way, why must we do it to the moon? Why didn’t we send those guys from the movie Armageddon, have them drill gently into the surface and take samples? Ok, seriously, we couldn’t do another landing, send some guys and a drill up there and accomplish the same thing?

And, the creme de la crap is that it is costing in the neighborhood of $100,000,000. Do I need to make a list of what could be done with that money? Besides, they are lying. It’s costing a lot more than that and we all know it. And, since we believe so much in coalitions, how come we don’t do those in space where we are supposedly doing things with positive explorative purpose? Seems like the perfect way to reach out, amortize our investment and let the world share in our space exploration.

I love looking at the moon. It happens to be full right now. There is the moon and an American flag up there. Now there is a crater forever that we blew up as well. Thanks so much.

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