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I’m back. Thanks to those of you who called, emailed and asked me on the street where I’d gone. Two weeks off was great.

Now, let’s get back to business.

I went to Las Vegas last week. I’d never been. I was attending Catersource’s trade show (giving a speech on social media) and stayed at the Paris Hotel. Let’s start there. It wasn’t until day two that someone explained to me that you were supposed to feel as if you were in Paris while there. Are you kidding me? I’ve been to Paris maybe a hundred times. (Sarah’s dad is French and we were there more often than I’d like to remember.) Never once did I feel like I was in Paris while I was in the hotel. Nope, not once. Driving up, the Eiffel Tower mock up should have been a clue, but I didn’t notice it amidst all the “stuff” around.

I’m an ADD girl. Vegas is like watching Fantasia (the movie, not the singer) while vacuuming, listening to your iPod and having a conversation with two three-year-old toddlers. My head was spinning the whole time. I was exhausted, but what I couldn’t figure out was why whenever I was on the first floor of the hotel I got a boost of adrenalin and seemed to be energized. A co-worker explained to me that they pump oxygen into the lobby to keep you awake so you will keep gambling long after you should be in bed. Oxygen is my new diet coke. I might be seen walking around with an oxygen tank and that ugly nose thing moving forward. It was great. I love oxygen. If a company wanted to start pumping more oxygen in the atmosphere, I would buy the stock.

Cabs in Vegas don’t take credit cards, just cash. I thought that was odd. But then I thought maybe they are afraid the credit cards are maxed out and they won’t get paid unless you give them cash. I didn’t gamble, but I guess if you did gamble all your money away, you would have trouble coming up with cash to get a cab to the airport. I looked on the side of the road on the way to the airport to see if there were people walking their way to their flights but didn’t see anyone. I think all cabs should take credit cards like they do in the fabulous New York City.

I was with people from my office and noticed that Barry Manilow was playing at our hotel. I love Barry Manilow and have seen him in concert more times than I should admit. I sent an email to everyone asking if they wanted me to get tickets. I didn’t hear back from anyone, so I assumed no one got my message which happens at my office. So, I sent another one. Here is a sampling of the replies I received after asking them to please respond one way or another. “Is it time for you to retire?” “Not so much. Not even if you offer me a promotion.” “Sorry, thought it was your sick sense of humor.” And, so it went. I am not a bitter person and really think that even if you haven’t the acquired Barry taste, there is no need to be mean about it, but that’s just me. Needless to say, we didn’t see Barry.

I will never go to Las Vegas again. I don’t get it. I did wonder if astronauts can see it from space, lighting up the earth. I think they probably can. The electricity there could probably serve the entire continent of Africa, but I might be exaggerating. If you love Vegas, as I’m told some do, I am sorry if I offended you.

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Don’t know you! And you don’t know me! Got your blog in a Barry Manilow google alert. Love him. Go to Vegas from here in France twice a year just to see him. Next trip is this coming weekend.Tthe new show is by all accounts fabulous. You should have gone alone without your whiny colleagues.
Janet (quite agree THE Paris has nothing to do with PARIS. But it’s nice!And Barry’s there.)

I’m also a huge Barry fan that got this blog in a google alert. I travel to Vegas many times a year and for one thing only… see Mr. Manilow! I hate you didn’t get to see him while you were there. You missed a fabulous and beautiful show! Barry’s never sounded better. I’ve never been to Paris but I love the Paris, Las Vegas, first because it’s Barry’s new home and second because the people who work there are incredibly nice!!
By the way……have fun Janet! woohooo!

So glad you all saw it!!! I love Barry and have blogged about him before. I went a concert of his in the seventies and he brought me on stage and sang, I Can’t Smile Without You… the best!!!

It’s good to have you back!! I’ve been to Vegas a lot on business. Lucky for me one of the women in the office was a Las Vegas native and knew more about the area than what’s on the strip. She and her husband took me up in the mountains to see an outdoor stage show of Grease (we brought boxed dinners and blankets). I got a kick out of the traffic to the event getting held up because donkeys have the right of way up in the mountains 😉 It was awesome.

After the first few trips to Vegas, not being a gambler, I learned to stay at a hotel that didn’t have a casino in it. Don’t get me wrong, a trip to the casinos to see shows I’ll never see in Atlanta (I would have gone to see Barry)is worth it. Other than that – Las Vegas is in a bowl – if you’re off the strip – anywhere you look are beautiful mountains.

All that said – it’s OK if I don’t go back.

I am so sorry you missed seeing Barry’s great new show at Paris. It has gotten fabulous reviews. I am one of Barry’s fans who also saw your piece on a News Alert re Barry Manilow. It was very nasty and narrow minded of your co-workers to reply so rudely to your invite. That is their loss. One of the wonderful things happening as a result of Barry’s great new reviews at Paris is to see his reputation finally reverting back to that of a great showman. One of the last of our interpreters of American Songbook. We have a rich pop culture of music that is not just about Rock & Roll, HipHop, C&W, etc but of beautiful pop standards that never really die. There are few left to sing the music of Gershwin, Porter, Rogers & Hammerstein, Lloyd Weber. Barry & Barbara Steisand are two of the last of the great “crooners”.

This week, another great singer died. His name was Johnny Maestro and he sang with a group your mother danced to at her High School Prom, called the Crests. They had many #1 hits, but I think 16 Candles is their most popular. Like Barry, Johnny appealed to mature women, his fans stayed loyal to him. Very loyal. On the east coast, at the SeaShore Resorts like Atlantic City, Johnny’s shows sold SRO w/in minutes! He may not have been as big as Barry, but he was one of first to acknowlege a fan base of older people who still loved the rock and roll ballads of their youth. He had a magical way of making his audiance feel young again. And the women loved him! New to Philadelphia, I was so looking forward to seeing Johnny Maestro live. I waited too long. He just died at age 70 from cancer.

Barry is around 65, I believe. The lesson is, don’t wait re concerts of older musicians. Nobody has a guarantee on life. It’s too short. Don’t let your co-workers bring you down. Get out and enjoy Barry Manilow while he is still here with us!

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