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Yesterday a company I do business with had about twenty people to lunch at their new location. Turns out it was mostly women. It was cool and sunny, and I was dressed nicely for me, and I had a swell time talking with the girls over a buffet of salads and desserts that were yummy. After the lunch, I spoke to a few of the women who were there and all said they wished we did girl lunches on a regular basis. They felt better after having been to it. I agree.

There are such good girl’s lunch scenes that come to mind. In When Harry Met Sally, there is that scene where they are at lunch talking about Sally’s break up and her friend pulls out her rolodex of guys to put together with Sally, I laughed along with the rest of the audience. Let’s face it, no one supports better than girlfriends, and having had more than one husband, I can say that with certainty. Oh, oh, and then there’s the amazing sceneĀ  in The First Wives Club when they work through their friend’s death at lunch and Bette Midler touches Goldie Hawn’s face to feel her latest botox injection. Love that scene.

My mother used to have people come by unannounced for coffee in the morning – women who lived next door or down the street. The dishes were still in the sink – and I’m talking about dinner dishes from the night before, not breakfast – and no one was embarrassed. I believe my mother was often in her robe. I have never had anyone stop by unannounced for anything, let alone coffee after her working husband left for the office in the morning. Most of my friends leave for work before their husbands, and if they don’t, they are online getting stuff done before heading out. Besides, none of us own robes.

I realized last night that I think I’m connected to my friends. After all, I’m on Facebook, this blog, texting, twittering, cell phone 24/7 access, but I haven’t had a ladies lunch in a really long time. It’s actually embarrassing to write that last sentence that has so much technology associated with my personal relationships, and I’m going to stop twittering right away to make a political statement about my new direction. There is way too much technology in my interpersonal communications.

And, so I have decided that I will host the next ladies lunch in a month or so. It will be fabulous. I will have a beautifully set table, make the dessert the night before, plan the menu a week early, use my silver that hasn’t been shined since Bush Senior left office, have a bow around my dog Luke’s freshly washed neck, fresh flowers from the garden I don’t have yet, and everyone will have a fabulous time and invite me to their Ladies Lunch a month later.

Yep, that’s the plan.

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That’s a great plan…and don’t forget to borrow a cup of suger from your neighbor.

I’m actually not being sarcastic….a few eyar ago when I first moved into my house, I was baking and ran out of eggs. I asked my son to go across the street and ask our neighbor (who I was friendly with—she has sons too) for a couple of eggs. Really I just needed two eggs and didn’t want to waste time to go back to the store. My son was horrified but went.

She actually told my son that she had no more eggs…..I thought “man I would have lent her eggs if she needed them”. I guess this is why people do not come over unannounced…it’s just not done. Times have changed. My neighbor is no longer that friendly with me. The obligatory wave…that’s it. Maybe she thinks I’m tacky or maybe she afraid I’m doing more baking.

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