Jimmy Fallon & Billy Joel

imgresWhen we look at what my generation (I’m 61 and proud of it) and what we are passing on to the next generation, I think we can all agree we haven’t exactly excelled at improving the landscape of American lives. We brought you fast food. Ridiculous politicians. Global warming. Oh my, need I go on? I do often wake up in the night and wonder why I didn’t protest more. March on Washington against fast food instead of support for Anita Hill. Not that she didn’t deserve my attention, but the damage done by fast food far outweighs the damage done by a Supreme Court Justice who hasn’t spoken in the Supreme Court procedings in ten years. You remember Clarence Thomas. He had issues with coke cans. Enough.

I’ve been watching Jimmy Fallon of late. I think he’s good. Some great work, but I think he water skis with guests, never going deep enough to get the deep sea diving remarks that change the way I think, or become life-time memorable. He also wakes me up rather than puts me to sleep. ADD boy for sure. Very likable. More likable than any other late night host. Speaks like this paragraph. In phrases. He’s not going to make any guest uncomfortable, and he’s one of the most half full kind of people in show business. I can’t help but wonder if it will last the test of time. Will his schtick be as compelling five years from now, or to follow Johnny Carson, twenty-five years from now?

Last night Jimmy did something with my generation’s Billy Joel that made me realize what my generation can  take pride in leaving behind. Our music. So much of it that I can’t name them all. Billy Joel. James Taylor. Carly Simon. The Stones. The Beatles. Seriously, I could take up another thousand words.

Watch Billy through this performance. His hands. His shoulders. His smile. His love of the music. His sheer coolness. Watch his head as he listens to Jimmy. Mistake Christy. Big mistake. Then watch them do their thing together. Here is it again.  And, if you are from my age group, dance a little to the tune, take pride in him and if you are not over fifty, take a moment to thank your parents for making you listen to our music. It’s the best of us.

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  • Thank you Christine! I did not see the live broadcast but thoroughly enjoyed seeing it via the link you so kindly provided. Wow! Oh, you are so right about Billy Joel and about the big mistake made by Christy. I find it hard to imagine any other version of Billy, even the Billy behind closed doors. Love your posts and your honesty. Love, love, love.
    Hope to see you again sometime soon.

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