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Hmmm. “Why would she ever go here?”

Dear Whomever (is it the Pres, a Senator, or Congressperson?),

Look, Canada’s health care bill is ten pages long. Literally, it’s ten pages. I have googled our new health care bill and alas, it’s thousands of pages long. And,  I can’t get a straight answer to the following three simple, straight forward questions.

What would it cost me to get my own health care should I choose to leave my company?

Will I be able to choose my own doctors and how much will my co-pay be?

At what age do I now qualify for you, my government, to pay for my care?

That’s all I want to know. These are simple dial one-eight-hundred health care help questions. Please tell me why you make everything so complicated. I know the answer to that question. I get that everyone needs to say something and put something in the bill. I work at a company that is the same way. Everyone needs to weigh in, even if it’s something that has been said a zillion times before. I am probably one of those people. But how come Canada can make it simple and we can’t? Can’t you take what Canada did and just change the names to protect the innocent and make it ours? It seems to work well for them.

I’m sick and tired of you stupid people. I’m sick and tired of the word ‘party’ in Washington, because it ain’t no party anymore. None of this is working for me and to be honest, it’s making me sick, which if I’m not mistaken is exactly the point of what the new plan is supposed to do; make it easier to be sick. No wonder we are so sick here in the USA and eat ourselves to oblivion. You guys (and girls) make us nuts.

Nancy, let your hair blow in the wind. Stop the botox (and while you are at it, please disclose if that fabulous health care plan you people have reimbursed you for it). Put the top down in a car and drive around and let the power go. It’s gone to your head. Literally.

John McCain, retire. Now. You stayed long past the time the party ended. And, the party is over. All the parties should be over. It’s time.

In fact, all of you retire or resign. Let’s do a do over. Build a new team.

But before you go, please, someone out there answer my simple three questions so I can see what the status of my personal health care options are.

Love, Christine

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