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The Golden Globe belonged to Meryl

I love Meryl Streep. I love that her nose is too long. I love that she looks down shyly sometimes before she speaks, and I love that she wears clothes that I would wear to awards shows that I will never be invited to attend. I especially love that she is fearless on the screen showing things about herself that are less than flattering. Last night, at the Golden Globes, the night belonged to Meryl.

Her comments about her role in her roles was downright genius. “In my long career, I’ve played extraordinary women, and sometimes I think I’m mistaken for one.” Did someone write that for her? Did it come to her when she walked up there? Either way, her delivery, as in all her roles, was perfect. She went on to say that she knows she is a vessel for the stories of the women she is lucky enough to play, and I loved that – a vessel for their stories. Such a thought provoking thought. Bringing it back to each of us, we are all vessels for the stories we live. What’s my story? What’s yours?

Sometimes I think our bodies become the story, rather than the other way around. You are what you eat. Hours and hours in the gym to look a certain way when the inside is empty. Meryl has it right. Let our outside be the vessel for the stories inside. Gotta remember that.

She went on to say that the role of my mother’s generation’s Julia Child was inspired by her own mother who had no time for feeling sorry for yourself or wallowing in that which was not positive. She said that she is not like her mother, but her mother is the woman that is the voice inside her telling her to dress up to go to the Golden Globes and smile like a star when the world outside is falling apart. One could only think she was talking about Haiti, and our war that is going on way too long, and our own poverty. But finding the strength to move on is something I’m in awe of when those around me do it under abnormally dismal circumstances.

I watched it twice to put it to my memory, the memory I draw on when I go to my dark side. Thanks Meryl. Loved your black dress and out of style wide belt. You looked fabulous!

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