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I know. I never heard of it either, but not only is fragging a real thing, it’s a really awful thing.

I am in a screenwriter’s group. (Ok, although I’m in this group, I haven’t presented my screenplay yet. But writing it as if I were really ready to accept my Academy Award is tons of fun.) Last night, someone who had been in the military in Afghanistan was presenting his script and talking about how a new officer can come to a combat zone and be in charge of everyone, even though he has never been there before and knows nothing about the lay of the land or the people he is leading. It’s the way the military does it. Just one more reason I think we should approach things like Switzerland does, and not have a military. But we all know no one at the Pentagon cares what I think.

So I have to pipe up. “I don’t understand. Isn’t it dangerous to have someone lead people he doesn’t know in a situation they have been in and he hasn’t?”

One of the group, a man in his fifties, said, “Well, it’s really not a problem because there is always fragging to fix the problem, and officers know that, so they tread carefully.”

“What’s fragging?”

“In Vietnam, if you didn’t like the officer in charge, you made sure a grenade went off near him and the fragments killed him, getting rid of the problem. Fragging is short for fragments.”

“No, that can’t be true!”

“Yes it is true and it’s a good thing.”

Clearly he wasn’t an officer.

So I went home, looked it up, and sure enough, fragging even has a page on Wikipedia. I just thought you should know.


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