Christine Goes to IHOP

Who knew? Who knew you could get blueberry pancakes, or pumpkin pancakes, or apple pancakes, or a zillion other pancake flavors at IHOP. I live in LA now where IHOP is an around the corner staple.

Having never been to an IHOP, I was excited when my friend Cathryn suggested we stop on our way to Palm Desert for the weekend. “Victor and I always stop on our way.”

We headed in and there was much to be seen. First there was a placard on the table touting pumpkin pancakes as the special. This is my cheap friend, and she was complaining that there was no price on the card.

“How much could it possibly be?” I asked with irritation. Sheesh. The rich get richer. “I’ll pay for breakfast. Don’t worry about it.”

“I just think they should put pricing on the cards, it’s not right. You’re in marketing. This is so they get us to order them and then charge an extra dollar or something.”

I thinks she needs to work on her issues. She proceeds to tell me – I couldn’t make this up if I tried – that she was irritated the day before because she came out of a store where she parked and put a quarter in the meter. As she went to her car another┬ácar was just pulling out of the space next to hers. She noticed that he still had almost an hour in the meter and if she had arrived just a little later she would have gotten the prepaid space. I, who always have thoughts on any issue or comment, was without words. Can any of you actually say you notice how much is on the meter of the car next to yours in a parking lot?

Then she pulls out a small bottle of maple syrup that has a tag from a fancy hotel on the east coast on it.

“What is that?”

“I carry maple syrup with me because they don’t have real maple syrup here at IHOP, and it’s bad. Victor actually called me from the road yesterday and was sad because there was none in his car and he stopped for pancakes too.” Victor drove down the day before us because he had a meeting. “Can anyone really be this organized,” I thought as I sat there staring at her? Since I was afraid you wouldn’t believe me, I took a picture of her and her maple syrup from her handbag. She carries it wherever she goes. Just in case.

See, I told you so… It’s the bottle on top of the coffee pot. And yes, I know she’s cuter than me. We were roommates in the ’70s and once we went to dinner and the maitre d’ actually came over and said that a man so enjoyed looking at her over dinner that he picked up her check. I have mentioned before the bitterness I have that she didn’t split the remaining check with me, instead of me paying for my dinner. After all, it would have only been fair. Whatever. I’m almost over it.



Anyway, back to the pancakes I got. I ordered blueberry pancakes and sausage. I got SIX sausage links and a huge plate overflowing with blueberry pancakes. There are four more pancakes under the stack that shows up in the picture. Is it any wonder that America is fat? I kept thinking about Little Women and Christmas dinner and how this one plate of pancakes would have fed all the Marsh girls as well as the poor family they took their Christmas breakfast to. I know my mind wanders, but really, have you ever seen one portion this large? And, it was only $7.99. How do they make money?

So, now I’m an LA IHOP girl and loving it. I recommend them highly, but only order one portion for the whole table. LA is a bevy of new experiences.

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Love your blog, but have a heckuva time reading the end of each line. Your blog is too wide for my screen, or something. Does anyone else have his complaint, or am I just not computer-savvy enough to make the adjustment?

I think such Bunyan-size breakfasts are just wrong! Too much waste. Who can eat
that much food at one sitting? And we can’t really mail it off to the starving Rwanda orphans once syrup is applied.

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