Vacation in the Time of Corona; Actually Ten Years Earlier

Ten years ago I took a vacation to a National Geographic Photography class in DC. I had a great time. I realize as I’m cooped up now that I stopped taking pictures soon after this post from 2009. What a great time to start taking them again. I’m going to go out tomorrow and renew my love of taking pictures and see if I can capture some of what we are now seeing on our

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My Uber Rating Obsession

I didn’t even know Uber drivers rate their clients until I was told by my daughter, Sarah (about whom I am not allowed to blog). I’m not sure how it came up, but I was intrigued. She put her fiancé on the phone and he walked me through the process of finding out what my rating is.

“Oh, I see it now,” I said when I finally understood. “My rating is 3.68. Is that good?”

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Unpacking. Putting Things Away.

I don’t unpack in hotel rooms. It has to be said. I just don’t. Basically, I put my suitcase on the side of the bed that I won’t be sleeping in, open it up to let everything breathe, and then I do something else. It means I have to iron things in my room before I wear them, but I sort of like that. I iron in front of the T.V. It works.


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Movie Review: Midnight in Paris

Woody Allen: Genius writer, director, and actor—or narcissistic distorter of reality? Both, would be my answer, and Midnight in Paris leans toward the genius side of him. The dialog, the cinematography, the casting, and the characters will all remind you of someone in your own life—or sadly, possibly yourself. It’s a trip all right, and one worth taking.

I think Woody Allen inserts the narrator (usually himself) into his films better than any writer in

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Laser Lights and Airplanes

I hate to fly. I am deathly afraid of flying.

When I was married and flew to Europe one or more times a month with daughter Sarah’s fabulous dad, better knows as H2 (husband #2), I had trouble taking advantage of the opportunities that were mine for fear of the flight there or back. I fly a lot now, and I use drugs to make it happen. But you wouldn’t want to have a meeting

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Pat Downs

It was the talk of the week. Do you think being patted down when going through security at the airport is or is not an invasion of your civil liberties? To be honest, I don’t understand the question.

Ten percent of America’s working population is out of work. We are fighting so many wars that I can’t even think about it without great sadness. We have 50,000 troops in South Korea, a tiny little country

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Las Vegas

I’m back. Thanks to those of you who called, emailed and asked me on the street where I’d gone. Two weeks off was great.

Now, let’s get back to business.

I went to Las Vegas last week. I’d never been. I was attending Catersource’s trade show (giving a speech on social media) and stayed at the Paris Hotel. Let’s start there. It wasn’t until day two that someone explained to me that you were supposed

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Taking things from the Hotel Room Service Tray

Now that I’m in Caleefornia and near my dear frugal friend, I’ve tried to become more frugal myself. I’m not sure if it’s because of her enthusiasm for frugality, or that this is also the direction our country is taking in general. Either way, I’m trying.

I was on a business trip the last few days and stayed at the fabulous Ritz in San Francisco. We were doing business with them and they comped the

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Vivien, My GPS Friend and Confidante

LA is a sprawling group of small towns connected by strip malls and occasionally tall buildings. While there are some clear east and west roads, generally anywhere you want to go calls for twists and turns off and on small roads and delta like convergences. I can’t help but wonder what people did before GPS systems were in their cars. Really, I would not have been able to maneuver without it.

I named my GPS

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Pet Airways


Luke, the soon to be Pet Jet Traveler

I’m sure you are all as sick as I am with my move to LA, but I have to write about it once more. My dog, Luke, the fabulous Luke Merser, is heading to LA with me. He’s a little larger than a lap dog, however, and flying in the cabin is not an option. He’s fifteen years old, and I just know that putting

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