My iPhone X

I recently purchased the new iPhone X. I mainly got it because my other iPhone wasn’t holding its charge, but in addition, the photography capabilities of the new iPhone X were something of a turn-on to me. So I ordered it and will pay an additional $15 per month for the rest of my life to pay for it. Whatever.

So now I am using the phone, and let’s just say, I am not a

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Facebook Content: Who is Responsible?

Occasionally, I bring my work hat to Freesia Lane. I am in marketing, where social media plays a large role in our day. This posted on Blue Shoe Strategy’s blog this morning. I know most of you are on Facebook. Thought you might find it relevant. Christine

An excellent piece by Jenna Wortham ran in the The New York Times today, Facebook’s Existential Crisis. She challenges the worth of the content of Facebook, its relevance

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Ebay Online Help

I am not going to comment. I’m just going to cut and paste the “conversation” I had with a “person” at Ebay online. No judgement. No harsh criticism from me. No sarcastic tone. Just the simple conversation – seventeen wasted minutes of it. (I couldn’t help but use the word wasted, which of course makes the rest of the paragrah a lie.) You judge for yourself. And, I state here, that I have not changed

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Women, Business, Power

Okay ladies, gather round.

I have always loved Google Chrome. Since it came on the scene, I have unfailingly used it as my browser. Its clean lines, its easy search, its surety of providing the latest content. Those cool pictures they use sparingly around the search box, so when they show up you smile or marvel at the coolness of it all. Google is the Apple of browsers. You feel good using it.

But I

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My New Prius

Those of you who read me regularly know I have had some serious car issues. There was my poor Audi, which was hit in Utah by Buck, the twelve-point male deer around Thanksgiving a few years ago. Then there were the minor accidents I kept having in LA, where parking is complicated by hidden nightmares like cement poles that are supposed to mark the spots, but only serve to dent my fenders. Then there was

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Let’s talk about the abbreviated language of our lives.

On the back window of my car, I have a bumper sticker that says HLS. A friend was getting in the car and asked what it meant. When I told her Harvard Law School, she said, “Sheesh, for what you pay for her to go there, you would think they would do bumper stickers that write the whole thing out.” Even though Sarah’s dad pays (bless

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Freesia Lane is a year old...

So, Freesia Lane is a year old today. Yikes. Happy Birthday to me.

My goal was to write it for a year to get me writing on a daily (minus the weekends) basis and to see if I could find a voice before doing my book that has been marinating in the back of my head for a long, long time.

So, because I’m a maudlin, weepy-eyed kind of woman, I was thinking about how

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Don't be Evil

Google has a motto, “Don’t be evil.” When Google was first growing they were concerned about cliques and groups forming with different agendas and the resulting demise that the growth and resulting ‘groups’ would cause the company. They assembled some peeps together from different segments of the company and charged them with coming up with a motto for the company that would ensure they didn’t lose their cohesive culture. “Cohesive Culture” in a company. Hmmm.

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Reply to All: The Demise of Many of Us

We’ve all done it. ‘Reply to all’ when really you meant to reply only to the one who sent it to you. The worst one for me was when I was working with a politician. He emailed me something another elected official sent him and brilliant strategist that I am, I sent the following email back to what I thought was my politician client, “I told you he was an idiot. He’s even dumber than

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Oxford Dictionary Word of the Year: Unfriend

Oxford Dictionary has announced that the word of the year is Unfriend. What to do with this? Unfriend – verb – To remove someone as a ‘friend’ on a social networking site such as Facebook. I’m not sure what to do with this.

To give some perspective, last year’s word of the year was Hypermile. “Hypermiling” was coined in 2004 by Wayne Gerdes, who runs a gas saving website. “Hypermiling” or “to hypermile” is to

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