My New Prius

Those of you who read me regularly know I have had some serious car issues. There was my poor Audi, which was hit in Utah by Buck, the twelve-point male deer around Thanksgiving a few years ago. Then there were the minor accidents I kept having in LA, where parking is complicated by hidden nightmares like cement poles that are supposed to mark the spots, but only serve to dent my fenders. Then there was

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The Bastardization of America’s Food

I was at dinner the other night with my cousin and his family. His girlfriend’s son is working on his International baccalaureate degree (he’s a junior in high school), so obviously the conversation would go in a direction of cultural and intellectual enrichment. We started to talk about Oreo Cookies versus Hydrox Cookies.

I pointed out that Oreos are not as good as Hydrox.

“Hydrox are better; the outer shell is crunchier. I don’t like

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Your Car.

I buy my cars. I leased once when my ex told me to, but alas, when the two years were up and I was 20,000 miles over the mileage limit (do not even ask me about it) and sixteen dings over the ‘return in perfect used condition limit,’ I realized I need to buy my cars. That said, I don’t keep them long. Maybe two years at the most.

I was at a dinner the

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Revisting Lindsey Vonn

When you are wrong, you are wrong. Here are two emails I got yesterday after my ‘quit whining Lindsey Vonn’ post.

She had an obligation to disclose her injury since her lack of practicing everyday on the hill would have spurned a lot of questions. Plus she pulls down a significant amount of money from her sponsors who also want to know what is going on. It would have leaked out anyway. Bottomline, it was

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Etsy: A Fabulous Place to Shop

I never review stores or anything. I’m not a big shopper and really no one should listen to me about what to buy to look good, decorate their house, or for that matter, create fabulous food. We all have talents, taste is not one of mine. But, (there’s always a but) I am here to sing the praises of Etsy is touted as the “your place to buy and sell all things handmade.”


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Taking things from the Hotel Room Service Tray

Now that I’m in Caleefornia and near my dear frugal friend, I’ve tried to become more frugal myself. I’m not sure if it’s because of her enthusiasm for frugality, or that this is also the direction our country is taking in general. Either way, I’m trying.

I was on a business trip the last few days and stayed at the fabulous Ritz in San Francisco. We were doing business with them and they comped the

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Wrapping Presents

Somewhere deep inside, I think I believe you are how you wrap. I take wrapping way too seriously. And, I never, ever get it right.

Each year I think up a new theme for wrapping Christmas and holiday presents. One year I did all white paper and cobalt blue ribbon. Stunning. Trouble was I only wrapped about three presents in it, then got behind and in the usual Christine’s approach to last minute procrastination make

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Bad Hair Day

I’m sure you all remember my friend Paula. I blogged about her this summer. She is the one whose house is filled with gismos; things I couldn’t hope to find that make everything easier. Well, social she ain’t. She’s the smartest person I’ve ever met and the best read as well. She knows tons about everything and even put this blog together for me. Well, she did something last week that I do all the

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Book Stores

Of course everything with me is a movie, and You’ve Got Mail comes to me now. Remember when Tom Hanks puts Meg Ryan out of business and she goes to the children’s book section of his ‘Barnes and Noble’ store? The person behind the counter has no knowledge of the customer’s question, and Tom Hanks makes a great face of dismay that his store has people with no knowledge helping those looking for books.


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Jennifer Aniston’s New Water Ad

I was driving from the Hamptons to New York City yesterday via the Mid Town Tunnel. I love going through the Mid Town Tunnel because the billboards there are the best of the best in advertising. Whether it’s Apple, or Calvin, or some new brand, they do their best work on those billboards. As a marketing person, I like to look at them and see what’s what.

Apple has a new fabulous ad. Be sure

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