My New Hip Henry

I got a new hip.

It’s my left hip. I have named him Henry because he’s not really part of me and needs to have his own name. I’m not sure why he’s a guy when I am a girl, but it was the first name that came to me, and that’s the end of that. He’s Henry. No one can accuse me of being Lean In sensitive. I’m gender neutral as are all fake

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Fear of Flying

I have written about my fear of flying before, so it won’t surprise you that I’m consumed with this most recent plane crash.

I spent a number of hours trying to determine what happened to Malaysia Air flight #370. Since I have no understanding of how planes stay in the air (and to be honest, I had to look up Vietnam’s geographical relationship to China to determine how far out over the water the plane

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I Could Be a Gardener. It Could Happen.

I could be a gardener. I have committed to it more than once. I bought the hat, the gloves, the basket, and the tools a bunch of times. I even spent a few thousand dollars once on bulbs — specifically peonies — that I planted dutifully in the fall. At some point before they would have bloomed early the next spring, they were pulled as weeds when the gardener went in to spring clean. I

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Bronx Zoo’s Missing Cobra

I hate snakes more than flying. I am terrified of snakes. And now, when I’m heading to New York in a week, an Egyptian Cobra has escaped his Bronx Zoo cage and is roaming the neighborhood. Or maybe not; it turns out they believe the Cobra hasn’t left the building and will come out when he’s hungry, which could take months. Excuse me?

First, let’s face it, that Cobra is one mad sucker. He’s been

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Women and Stem Cells

So, as it turns out— surprise, surprise—women’s stem cells nurture regrowth twice as much as men’s stem cells. Now, I recognize that this may mean nothing more than that our stem cells are ‘richer’ than men’s. But it may also be God’s message about what we offer in the bigger scheme of life. Think about it. If it had been Lehman Brothers & Sisters, that company’s story might have had a different ending.

I’m just

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All Hands on Deck

I’ve been thinking a lot about the oil spill. Now hear me out before you start with how nuts I am. I’m glad they seemingly have stopped the flow. But the fire is still burning. There are millions of gallons floating around my ocean – and your ocean – that need to be removed.

If a huge house is burning, everyone in the neighborhood becomes a firefighter. They all rush over to the burning building.

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My New TV Rules and National Geographic's Hawking's Universe

Not that I have a TV problem mind you, but I came to realize that living alone, I do turn on the TV when I get home at night. I have talked to other single home dwellers who say they do the same thing. It’s company. But, if I sit down to watch, I can sit there all night. Or an entire weekend afternoon. And, what’s with me watching the same movies over and over

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Lunar Attack

Before President Bush was in office, I loved the fact that the United States of America never struck the first blow. We will fight and bury you, but only if you threaten or attack us. Bush then attacks Iraq, taking away our success in Afghanistan, and turning the Muslim world against us. And for the first time in our history, we attacked a country that did not threatened us. Ok, I tried to put it

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