Proof of Life for Luke

I have the most amazing dog, Luke. People actually say to me, “If you don’t want your dog anymore, I’ll take him.” Aside from wondering what about me looks like I might be the kind of person who doesn’t want her dog anymore, I try and recognize that it’s a compliment to Luke, rather than an insult directed at me.

I’m heading off on vacation this week and am always in the quandary of what

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Special Brownies

You might not believe this story, but I swear every word is true.

I had a ‘new’ friend I met at work (I owned a party rental company and she is one of the foremost event planners in the land) who called and suggested we go to the movies. I love movies. Where else can you stock up on bad things to eat, sit in the dark eating them while watching someone other than you

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My Memory Saga Continues

Because I’m sure you read my blog every day and carry around the finer points I strive so hard to present, you might recall that I stopped drinking diet coke. Well, I lied. I didn’t actually mean to lie, I meant every word at the time I wrote it. My friend, Russell had lunch with me a few days after the “I’m getting rid of Diet Coke and the aspartame debacle that is taking away

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Book Review: Resilience by Elizabeth Edwards

I saw the Oprah Segment with Elizabeth Edwards in their home in Chapel Hill about her new book, Resilience, and sat mesmerized throughout the entire thing. Friends had it on their discussion list all through the weekend. I downloaded the book to my Kindle (have I mentioned how much I love my Kindle? Such instant gratification.) and read it Friday night.

I always get off track, and this book review is no exception. Can we

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The Trollop: Or Teenage Boys Grow Up

Being the mother of a daughter, I have envied my friends who have sons. “They will always love you,” I tell my buddies. “A son loves his mother no matter how many shrinks he sees. Not true of daughters.”

My friend Caroline has the perfect seventeen-year-old son. Aside from the fact that he has eyes with lashes longer than my sixth grade jump rope, he is nice and actually enjoys going places

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Applying to Nursery Schools

It was fall, just like it is now, when my now twenty-two year old was getting ready to apply for her fast-track-to-educational-success nursery schools in New York City. I dutifully joined the Parent’s League in an effort to gain the information I would need to be successful in securing her one of the prized places. Surely it was a sign of my commitment to motherhood. I am normally not a joiner of Leagues.

That was

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Mother’s Day Epiphany

Ok, so it’s Mother’s Day again — and I’m sitting here contemplating something I heard on the Oprah Friends Channel on XM.

Alice Walker Quote “I looked for my mother’s garden, and found myself instead.”

It sounds so great, doesn’t it? Find the garden and figure out your life. How hard could it be? Look behind the childhood garage that sits outside in the back of my soul, overgrown a bit with the ivy of

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