Paul Simon & Politics

I am a Paul Simon fan. Big-time. I’m not sure it’s reciprocated.

It went like this.

It was the late 80s. It was New York. And I had just moved into a beautiful building on Central Park West.

I was heading up the elevator with my brilliant five-year-old daughter. (If I were allowed to write about her, I would tell you just how brilliant she is.) The doors opened, and he got on.

Said 5yo

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My Back Pages, Politics, & Bob Dylan

My country is falling apart. Hatred seeps in from all corners. And, today Bob Dylan wins the Nobel Prize for Literature. And hope springs eternal again. Or at least that is my hope.

Watch these greats; George Harrison, Dylan, Tom Petty, Eric Clapton and more, celebrate the music of one of Dylan’s best. Who knew the words from that tumultuous time would resonate so loudly now? And let’s hope, no even I can pray, that

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Jimmy Fallon & Billy Joel

When we look at what my generation (I’m 61 and proud of it) and what we are passing on to the next generation, I think we can all agree we haven’t exactly excelled at improving the landscape of American lives. We brought you fast food. Ridiculous politicians. Global warming. Oh my, need I go on? I do often wake up in the night and wonder why I didn’t protest more. March on Washington against fast

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Remembering…Those Who Left in 2012

There were a lot of people who made up the wallpaper of my life who died in 2012. I took some time over the past few days celebrating their lives (a year-end tradition of mine) and reliving some of what they brought to me. Thought I’d share.

Farewell Andy Williams. I listened to your Moon River yesterday and was brought back to Susan Sparrow’s family, and our trek north to their house on the lake,

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Turning Sixty. Marking My Generation with Our Greatest Hits.

Ten years ago, when I was turning fifty, I sent out an e-mail to friends and family that took on a life of its own. I asked them to submit their fifty greatest song hits choices from the last fifty years, and I made a three-disc CD set for all of them of the Last Fifty Years Greatest Hits. Okay, I got to choose who was in it in the end, and the process wasn’t

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Phantom of the Opera: A Love Story

Nighttime sharpens, heightens each sensation. Darkness stirs and wakes imagination. Silently the senses abandon their defences…

Slowly, gently, night unfurls its splendour. Grasp it, sense it tremulous and tender. Turn your face away from the garish light of day, Turn your face away from cold, unfeeling light – and listen to the music of the night…

And I was hooked. It was 1986, twenty-five years ago, and I was

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Grammys, Academy Awards, and Musings

I have not been a modern music aficionado since Barry Manilow’s day, when I could have told you all the top ten songs in a given year. I didn’t watch the Grammys until a few years ago, when I started tuning in to watch the oldies-but-goldies they brought on to teach the one-hit wonders what longevity is all about. Now I’m hooked. At the same time, I am now a movie aficionado in a big

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Just three hours after Whitney Houston was pronounced dead, her ex-husband, Bobby Brown, took the stage in Tennessee, or somewhere south of reason. Thousands of fans, mostly women, stood and gave a thunderous reception to the man who had opened the door to the self-destruction that marked the last fifteen years of Whitney’s life and turned her voice, a gift from God, into the ravaged voice of a drug addict.

Bobby took the stage and

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Best of 2011

It’s Best of time again, and here are my best of choices from this past year.

Best Song

No question on this one. Someone Like You by Adele.

With lyrics like regrets and mistakes, they are memories made, there is nothing more to be said. The only issue with this song is that they are playing it too much. They did that to Celine Dion’s song for Titanic and I wanted to shoot myself every

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Lady Gaga

It’s hard for a fifty-eight year old woman (that would be me) to sing the praises of a woman who renamed herself Lady Gaga and wraps herself in raw meat to go onstage and talk about being authentic. Before I got to know her music, I had a hard time considering the wearing of red meat on your body to be authentic. But I thought it might be a generational thing. I, like so many

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