Book Review: The Miles Levin Story

I was sent an advance copy of The Miles Levin Story for reviewing, so I lit a fire last night and sat on the couch to look through some reading matter, and I started to read the book. I didn’t stop until I finished it early this morning.

Miles Levin got cancer when he was sixteen and died when he was eighteen. While his friends were going off to college and starting the next phase

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I Hate Yoga

I hate Yoga. No, I really mean I hate it. I hate the holier-than-thou attitude of those who practice it, and the way they insinuate that they are better inside because they do it. I hate the soft way people talk while they’re doing it. I hate that the teachers walk around the room and talk about breathing all the time, as if that is going to rid me of the results of the pints

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Women and Stem Cells

So, as it turns out— surprise, surprise—women’s stem cells nurture regrowth twice as much as men’s stem cells. Now, I recognize that this may mean nothing more than that our stem cells are ‘richer’ than men’s. But it may also be God’s message about what we offer in the bigger scheme of life. Think about it. If it had been Lehman Brothers & Sisters, that company’s story might have had a different ending.

I’m just

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Food Groups

I’ve figured out the obesity problem. It’s the food group thing.

It’s not about what you eat, necessarily, but about with whom you eat, where you eat, and your emotional state when the food goes into your mouth. Trying to tell me to eat three veggies and two fruits each day has no soul, and it ain’t working. Give me the rules on the who, what, where, and when theory of eating, and I think

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Plug Pulling

In a meeting at work yesterday, a laptop was plugged in under the board room table. The guy whose computer it was asked a co-worker to “unplug me.” Because we are all curious minds at work, that led to a conversation about whether or not you would want the plug pulled if you were a vegetable.

Everyone said they absolutely would.

I, on the other hand, being of sound mind and body sometimes, and honest

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Ode to Smoking

I smoked on and off for twenty years. I loved my cigarettes. “Merit Ultra Lite please. One carton.” I smoked a lot. Two to four packs a day. I really didn’t like those people who could join you for a cigarette when you were having drinks, and then they went home and didn’t smoke another cigarette for a week. It’s in the genes or not, and I hate that about my genes. Give me one

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Health Care

Hmmm. “Why would she ever go here?”

Dear Whomever (is it the Pres, a Senator, or Congressperson?),

Look, Canada’s health care bill is ten pages long. Literally, it’s ten pages. I have googled our new health care bill and alas, it’s thousands of pages long. And, I can’t get a straight answer to the following three simple, straight forward questions.

What would it cost me to get my own health care should I choose to

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My Traveling Friend Val & Me

I hate to fly. For awhile I didn’t fly. I pretended I flew, but I really didn’t. Then I moved to LA, and after taking the train here and back, I realized I was going to have to be an air traveler again. So I commandeered my friend Val to accompany me each time I fly.

I need to take a moment here to explain. In my defense, I have reasons not to like to

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Zicam Weight Loss Idea

You know how you get those emails telling you that if you don’t throw away all your toilet paper, you will get a rash that will never leave you? Then it turns out it is a scam from the Net and has taken off in that viral way that the Net nurtures.

I got the following such email from my sister. She was forwarding it from someone who had forwarded it to her. I googled

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My friend and I went to the Hotel del Coronado in San Diego for the weekend. Our room was on the third floor. The Del (as they call it) was built in 1888, and it has a lovely courtyard and elevators with stairs that wrap around them. My friend and I were standing at the elevator waiting for it to come, when two twenty-something bitches came trotting down the stairs from the floor above and

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