Sotomayor & Her Finances

My friend, and amazing financial planning expert, Manisha Thakor, did a column on her blog about Justice to be Sotomayor, and her personal finances or lack thereof. Apparently, the Justice elect, (or is it Justice in Waiting?), owes more on her house than her original mortgage and has credit card debt which adds up to close to her total cash savings of $35,000. Another friend said she is a gambler, but that friend is a

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Please Mr. President, I Don’t Want To Own GM.

I was driving to New York City today on the crowded Long Island expressway with a friend. I started to look at all the cars around us, turned to her and said, “I don’t want to own GM. I sold my jeep last year because I have this large car and felt two vehicles was more than I could handle. I want to return GM and get our money back. Are you with me?”


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Middle Class Millionaires

I was on the phone yesterday with a friend who I work with from the west coast who said something about Middle Class Millionaires.

“What the hell is a Middle Class Millionaire?”

“You know what I mean,” he replied. “People who have a few million but don’t fly first class and take the garbage to the curb -Middle Class Millionaires. You know once you start riding business class, you rarely go back to coach. And,

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Western Union: Modern Day Money Launderers

We have to start thinking about Western Union. To show how out of touch I am, I figured they were out of business, or close to it. I would have said they must be hanging on by a thread, possibly part of the bail out so downtrodden are they with the lack of need for wiring things. With email, faxes, and phones reaching across waters previously unreachable, what need is there for Western Union? Silly

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The United States and Numbers

Does it bother anyone out there in the Minnesota’s hinterlands that it’s now six months and one day (see how accurate math outside the government is?) past the election and you still don’t know exactly how many people in Minnesota voted for Al Franken and how many voted for Norm Coleman? I live in New York where I suspect we fix elections before they happen so we avoid these messy aftermath issues, but if I

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The 3/50 Project

I love this project.

It’s called the 3/50 Project and the premise is really simple. Basically, it’s a to do list with numbers to help local businesses stay in business during this difficult time.

Whenever you break down numbers in a cool way, you actually feel like you can make a difference. I live mostly in the Hamptons in New York. The Hamptons has tons of small businesses that make the Hampton’s character what it

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Respecting Left Overs

Last night I went to dinner with some people a friend wanted me to meet. I ordered lamb which was amazingly delicious. It came with green beans and au gratin spuds. I ate half of it and asked to take the rest of it home. I put it in the refrigerator when I got home and had this amazing feeling of virtuousness that I thought was strange. I woke up this morning thinking about it

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Credit Card Free Me

I’m fifty-six years old and tend to think about things – even financial things – from a perspective not based on facts and figures but rather actions, feelings and opinions. I buy stocks based on a company’s ads, and how I think they will be perceived by consumers. It drives my Wall Street friends nuts. I vote from the gut. And those whose opinions I value usually mirror my own. I was lying

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