Cutting My Own Hair

I woke up this morning and cut my own hair. I’m not really sure why I did it, but I wanted to have short hair right now, so I got my kitchen scissors, watched a You Tube video (Liar!!!!) and cut it.

I told my daughter last night on the phone that I was going to do it and she immediately went to one of my felonies from her childhood. “Remember when you cut my

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Taylor Swift’s Legs

OK, gather round. I was speaking with an intern last week whose friend works in specialty insurance. Being the curious type, I asked for more information. Here’s how that went:

“What is specialty insurance?”

“Oh, it’s when you insure something that makes you a celebrity … like Taylor Swift’s legs.”

“Taylor Swift’s legs?! Surely, you jest. Taylor Swift’s brain for writing songs, and her voice, I get — but her legs? You can’t be serious.”

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Women In Congress Wearing White to SOTUS

We sell visually in today’s world. How one presents a product or service is all about how another (your potential client) feels when looking at it. I’m a strategist and like to always consider the view from the other side of the railroad tracks when putting together an image or a video or any message. It’s why I was disappointed in the women of Congress, who all showed up in their white suits and jackets

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Me and My Lipstick

I want to be that woman who cares as much about a lipstick’s name as its color. I do. Ok, truth be told, I want to be that woman who actually cares about her lipstick and doesn’t have the same one for a year because she rarely puts it on.

I recently attended a writing workshop, and the person leading asked everyone a question or two. And it wasn’t a small group either, so I

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Ooh la la! Book Review

I must start with a few disclosure disclaimers. First, Jamie Cat Callan, Ooh La La’s author, is in my blogging group, and I actually like her a lot, so if I were not inclined to give her a good review, I would not have reviewed the book. Second, and perhaps more relevant, I was married to a Frenchman for a number of years. He’s the father of the fabulous daughter Sarah, about whom I am

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Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show or The Biggest Loser.

I’ve written about Victoria’s Secret before in a blog more than a year ago. I was insulting about it then, and am happy that I can present a different point of view this time.

I work with a lovely, really smart young woman who handles our social media and my sanity. Here is the text she sent me on Tuesday night:

“Hope you are watching the VS fashion show tonight. It’s a religious experience. The

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Work Uniforms

Men are so lucky. Their clothes are so much easier than ours. Always have been, always will be.

Dressing for business as a woman in the seventies/early eighties was much easier than it is now. We bought five or six suits from Brooks Brothers or Paul Stuart. If you didn’t need it to be a suit day, you would wear the skirt from one of the suits with a round collar, cable knit sweater, also

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The Golden Globe belonged to Meryl

I love Meryl Streep. I love that her nose is too long. I love that she looks down shyly sometimes before she speaks, and I love that she wears clothes that I would wear to awards shows that I will never be invited to attend. I especially love that she is fearless on the screen showing things about herself that are less than flattering. Last night, at the Golden Globes, the night belonged to Meryl.

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Haiti. What is the message?

Haiti. Where to begin? What to say? No words. What a surprise.

Seeing Bush and Clinton together yesterday reminded me about the best of Americans. It’s no secret that I think Bush is just this side of the devil, but watching his first venture out of retirement with Clinton on the news programs Sunday morning, I am reminded that the good in each of us lies in our ability to come together when necessary, when

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I love handbags. I’ve been on the quest for the perfect bag for quite sometime. It’s a cross between a briefcase – large enough to carry some files, etc. – and small enough to not make me look like a moving van carrying things to and fro. It’s not easy and I find myself getting attached in the store, buying the bag and then it disappoints me. Then I give it away.

I once bought

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