Size of Drink Felonies. Really?

The fabulous daughter Sarah, whom I’m not allowed to discuss in this blog, just graduated from law school. Anyway, as a gift for graduation, I had our graphic designer at Blue Shoe Strategy design a leather-bound book with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights in it. I was a D+ student in high school, and I didn’t take any government classes in college, so I decided to read them while happily thumbing through my

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Am I organized?

I really want to think of myself as an organized person. I work hard at it. I took the Franklin Covey three-day course in using their planner, which frankly was a very long time to sit and learn how to fill in your calendar. I buy calendars and agendas yearly, and notebooks usually once a month. I buy them and start all over. Then I throw out the paper organizers and notebooks and move to

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You Are What You Watch.

I was at dinner the other night with some people from work I don’t know well, and the subject of TV came up.

I said, “I love The Bachelorette.”

“You watch The Bachelorette?”

“Why yes I do. Does that surprise you?”

“It sure does. I thought you only read books or maybe watched the History channel.”

I didn’t get much into it but the next day I was riding to work with another person who’d

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Work Uniforms

Men are so lucky. Their clothes are so much easier than ours. Always have been, always will be.

Dressing for business as a woman in the seventies/early eighties was much easier than it is now. We bought five or six suits from Brooks Brothers or Paul Stuart. If you didn’t need it to be a suit day, you would wear the skirt from one of the suits with a round collar, cable knit sweater, also

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Don't be Evil

Google has a motto, “Don’t be evil.” When Google was first growing they were concerned about cliques and groups forming with different agendas and the resulting demise that the growth and resulting ‘groups’ would cause the company. They assembled some peeps together from different segments of the company and charged them with coming up with a motto for the company that would ensure they didn’t lose their cohesive culture. “Cohesive Culture” in a company. Hmmm.

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Bankers a No Show at the White House

I just want to say that if Obama summoned me to the White House, I would have walked George Washington type miles to get there. I would have ridden my bike. I would have taken the train. I would have hitched a ride on the expressway.

The fact that three of the bankers; the CEOs of Morgan Stanley, Citibank and Goldman Sachs were ‘fogged out’ so they called in on a speaker phone to the

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Car Insurance

I have to write and give props to my new car insurance company. When I moved to the fabulous, sun-ridden LA, another person I work with told me to go to AAA to register my car. I had to take their insurance to get registered there. There is nothing like a not-for-profit company when it comes to insurance.

When Buck met his demise at the hands of my Audi SUV, I did what was instructed

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We need to talk about email. I need to talk about email. I tracked this past week and realize that I get approximately 600-800 emails per day. No wonder my to do list is longer than my life span. It’s out of control and the truth is that I spend all my day answering emails instead of doing new initiatives personally and professionally. Not ok.

So, I sat down to figure it out. Then I

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Golf Carts? Well, alrighty then...

In case you haven’t heard, there is a federal rebate on golf cart purchases through the end of the year. You can get as much as $15,000 if you buy a golf cart. I work in an office where most of management leans toward the elephant trails. I’m the sole donkey in the group. These are not evil people, just misguided.

I was in the office of the CFO, the papa elephant in the office,

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