Let’s talk about the abbreviated language of our lives.

On the back window of my car, I have a bumper sticker that says HLS. A friend was getting in the car and asked what it meant. When I told her Harvard Law School, she said, “Sheesh, for what you pay for her to go there, you would think they would do bumper stickers that write the whole thing out.” Even though Sarah’s dad pays (bless him), I saw her point and then started to see brevs (short for abbreviations, my daughter’s friends made it made it up) for everything.

TMI Mom!”                   Too much information.

FML                                   F*(&^ my life. I never use that one.

BRB                                    Be right back.

LOL                                    If you need an explanation, I can’t help you.

I think chat rooms were the originators of brevs.

I think we need to stop brevs from shortening our thoughts. So little time, so few words? Not so much. I want to go back to full sentences. Emails that are not phrases. If I am happy, I want to write, “It’s a good day and I’m happy,” instead of 🙂 which, let’s face it, demeans the feeling. And, if I’m sad, I’m going to say or write or text or facebook, “I’m sad today. Alas.”

So, while this may be an abbreviated blog in its length, it’s a promise of no more brevs to come. Join me. Let’s take back the world of sentences.

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