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Arnold Schwarzenegger, The Sperminator

Arnold, Arnold, Arnold. Really?

And as for the housekeeper/assistant—you couldn’t resign when you got pregnant? You had to stay in the household for ten more years? You had to provide Maria and the children with memories of yourself as an integral part of their personal lives, and all the while you were the mother to their husband’s/father’s child? Really?

This story is not a new one. In other countries, it’s not a deal-breaker the way it is in the US of A. Since time immemorial men have been fathering children out of wedlock. France’s president was not brought down when he introduced his out-of-wedlock daughter. It made the news, but not the way it would have here. What is different about the European and American points of view on these things?

I was having lunch yesterday with two smart men with whom I consult. One of them is from Central America, and he joked that it’s clearly Maria’s fault for having hired someone who could catch her husband’s eye. If he weren’t joking, he would be the cad that Arnold is, and that would be unacceptable. And then he told an extraordinary story. He said his mother had always said she only wanted to know the children of her daughters, because those were the only grandchildren that she knew to be hers. I asked if she really said that, and he said yes. Extraordinary. He asked me why it was that women who cheat on their husbands never seem to get pregnant, but the women married men sleep with do. I asked him if he felt it to be the man’s responsibility to make sure he is protected, and he said yes, but I think he meant no.

Arnold has always been more of a man’s man than a woman’s man. And he’s been very smart. He’s made a fortune and hasn’t allowed his image to be affected by his womanizing, or worse, by his mistreatment of women. And he never lost anything because of it. Is this where we start talking about taking responsibility? He said yesterday that he takes responsibility for his actions; will someone please explain to me what that actually means? The phrase, “I take responsibility for my actions” is bandied about as if there are always consequences for taking responsibility. Not so much.

He signed a three-movie contract last week, just before this story broke. He could take responsibility by saying he realizes he has no business being an action “hero” to the youth of this country and is pulling out of the deal. Or the studio could help him take responsibility by canceling the contract. Will men go to his movies because they love his Terminator persona as well as to join a secret society, one that is never public, that says a guy really wants to spread his “wealth” around? Go Arnold? If I gave a lie detector test to 100 really decent guys and asked if they thought he was a terrible person, they would answer, “Yes, of course!” Would they be lying? I’m not sure. And please don’t condescend to me by attributing my opinion to my being jaded by my own divorce, because I’m not. And fellow peeps without dicks, please don’t go to his movies anymore. And please don’t let your sons go. And please encourage your guy friends and your family not to go. Let’s retire this ridiculous, ego-driven human being to obscurity—which, as we know from OJ’s history, is a fate worse than being a lying, cheating cad (at least to a lying, cheating cad).

Who is worse, Arnold or the love-child’s mother, Mildred Baena?  Turns out her son is almost 14. Arnold and Maria’s youngest is 13, which means that at one point, Mildred and Maria were both pregnant in the same house together. Cozy. This is the type of thing from which one does not easily recover. When Maria saw the baby, did she know? And Mildred, who are you? Ever heard of sisterhood? Maria is one of the strongest supporters of women in the country, and she spends a good portion of her time on helping women build their self-esteem. Nice payback, girlfriend.

Ok, Christine, what is your point? I have no idea. I have no bloody idea what the point of this is. But one thing I know for sure is that it’s none of my business. Their personal life is none of my business. But I do want to know what the makeup of his DNA is; what made him do it? Is it a total F-you to women? Was it the steroids he must have taken in his youth? Was it a mistake, and Mildred then blackmailed him?

I would also like to say that I never liked him. When I moved to California I often told people that it was hard to live in a state whose Governor was not able to properly pronounce its name. Enough said.

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Perfectly said! Could not agree more! “Ego driven” is exactly how i referred to him when I heard the news- Thanks for expressing it so well
I never liked him either and I pray that his wife and children will be able to find some solace from all this and heal. My thoughts are with them, wont give Arnold another second of my thoughts ever !

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