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Abraham, Martin & John

downloadMartin Luther King Day.

There was a song from the sixties, Abraham Martin & John, that personified the racially-charged times in which we lived back then. I used to listen to it over and over again. It occurred to me this morning, Martin Luther King Day, that it points out what is possible when leaders step forward to help us rise to our best selves.

My generation is really lucky. We have lived and watched the racial equality growth led by three of the four men in the song; Martin Luther King, John Kennedy and Bobby Kennedy. My daughter’s generation doesn’t have this historical context. She doesn’t realize that it takes just one leader to rouse the sleeping giant that is our nation.

This time in which we are now faced is one step backward. But I have lived through three steps forward. This is nothing.

We have a larger leadership pool than the sixties. Women have entered the fray. Oprah’s speech last week moved a nation. There are leaders who will rise to this occasion who might have remained silenced.

How to begin?

Don’t click on any link that has the word Trump in it. Don’t let the news outlets get paid for your eyes reading that which solves absolutely nothing. Click on links about who is running in the 2018 elections, what laws are being passed each and every day while we are looking at the shiny object rather than real change. Get to work building, not screaming to the wind and elevating DT’s message across the nation.

I say it again. Do not share one article with his name in it.


Abraham, Martin, Bobby and John will applaud from the shadows.

I thank Martin Luther King for memories I have of watching him lead a nation in a way I had no idea would mean so much so many years later.

We can do this. Yes, we can.

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