Unpacking. Putting Things Away.

imagesI don’t unpack in hotel rooms. It has to be said. I just don’t. Basically, I put my suitcase on the side of the bed that I won’t be sleeping in, open it up to let everything breathe, and then I do something else. It means I have to iron things in my room before I wear them, but I sort of like that. I iron in front of the T.V. It works.

My sister Leslie unpacks. She and I drove together to visit my mom a few years ago, and we stayed at a Hilton on Cape Cod. She said she needed to run into CVS before we checked in, and she came back to the car with a bunch of bags. We checked in. I did my thing with my suitcase which took maybe five minutes and then went to the adjoining room to see if she was ready to go to Mom’s.

She was running around the room. Her bathroom stuff was in the bathroom, lined up by the sink. She was putting the last of her clothes in the drawer and had hung the other things in the closet. She had her computer on the desk. I’m pretty sure she had a book by her bedside, but I might be making that up to make my point. She was unpacking water and juice and half-and-half from her CVS stop into the refrigerator.

I sat on the bed watching her thinking, Gosh I wish I did that. Then I thought, I could do that. Then I thought, I’ll never do that. There are people who approach things her way, and then there are others like me who do not.

It’s not just packing. Things that go into my car tend to stay there for a while. Dry cleaning, for example. When I unpack the groceries, I may leave a few things on the counter for a few days, or until I use them. When I bring up the laundry, I don’t always put it away.

Please don’t think that I am lazy. I am not. Really. I do more in a day than most, but I guess I don’t put things away. It’s different from laziness. I swear it is. Don’t judge me.

I am going to work on this. I think my life would be less chaotic if I approached things Leslie’s way. Yep, this could change my whole life. Now that I have written about it, I can change it. Go ahead. Stop by my house anytime you want and you’ll see. Just don’t look in the back seat of the car on your way in.

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