The 2018 Election & Change to the House of Representatives

images“The Dems take the House! The Dems took the House!” said all the pundits last night around 10 p.m. Then the speculation began about the plans for what they would do with the House now that they have it.

“Nancy Pelosi will be Speaker again.”

“We’ve been told that the first thing they will do is subpoena Trump’s tax returns!”

“They can now spend time fighting Trump; that’s their priority!”

Then I started to think about the exit polls and what the voters said they cared about. Here is what they said in no particular order: They care about health care. They care about immigration. They care about jobs and the economy. Nowhere did any of them say they cared about Trump’s tax returns.

I beg you, newly elected people, to change the trajectory of our nation and our politics.

When the GOP took the House during Obama’s first midterm, did they say that the first thing they were going to do was to request an inquiry about Obama’s birth certificate? Nope, they didn’t say or do that. They attacked health care.

How can it already be a certainty that Nancy Pelosi will be Speaker when the new members of Congress haven’t yet said their thank-yous for being elected?

Look, if you want to reelect Trump in 2020, then go ahead, my newly elected Congress, and spend all your time trying to make him look like the crook that he is. The majority of the voters don’t care about this. They KNOW he cheats on his tax returns and is indebted to foreign countries for funding his ridiculous investments. They KNOW he treats women like shit. They KNOW he lies every time he opens his mouth. They don’t care. They care about themselves.

I am a marketing strategist by trade. I tell my clients all the time that no one cares about them; people care about themselves and what you or your product can do for them. The voters have spoken. They do not care about the injustices of Trump’s moralless compass. They care about health care and immigration and jobs. They told you that. They say it loud and clear every time we ask and every time they vote.

So, for the next two years, spend your time, new Congress, on doing the citizens’ business, making their lives better. Spending time making Trump’s life worse is not your job. That said, you can counter things he might do that sacrifice what we stand for as a nation. He can no longer get rid of Mueller, for example.

But it’s time to ignore him as a person, and get to work for me, the people. Spend your time building things for us in the areas in which we have needs. Then, and only then, can you stop this ridiculous downslide of all we hold dear. That goes for the media as well. Ignore him. Write about what is being done, and hold our newly elected officials accountable for all that they promised to do. Talk about the laws that are enacted. Talk about government, not the yellow head who has no right to hold center stage this long.

Then we will have a chance in 2020.

Reason Speaks Softly But Screams to be Heard - Kavanaugh VS Ford

A friend asked about my perspective on yesterday’s hearings from a “female” point of view.

The contrast between Dr. Ford’s “I’m so sorry; I don’t remember” and her efforts to make the people questioning her “like” her was magnified 100 percent by Kavanaugh’s belligerent, arrogant, disrespectful behavior. Every male pundit who praised the way she presented herself showed he had no understanding of what it takes to win in this environment. She was believable because

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July 4th, 1976

I had a great love in my life. I was in my early twenties and had just arrived in New York City from the cornfields of the University of Nebraska. He was ten years older than me, on his way to success, and further along in the “being a grown-up” arena. He was handsome, smart, funny and incredibly energetic — the kind of energetic that took others along for the ride. During one of the

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Kate Spade

The thing thing about Kate Spade is that her accessories made me feel pretty. Not “Chanel pretty,” which always made me feel like part of a club I didn’t want to belong to. Not pretty like Saint Laurent, who always made me feel that I better make my body deserve to wear him. Not pretty like Valentino, who made me feel masculine in a feminine way. Powerful. (I liked that, but I never felt pretty

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The American of Old

I was on the phone with my BFF, from Alliance, Nebraska, talking about conversations with aging parents. She said she loved the stories her mom told her about her father. Lorie’s mom is 97, and her father would be 120 if he were he alive today.

“Tell me one,” I said.

“My mom told me that her dad, who had come over from Lebanon to Nebraska, was a laborer and so proud to have found

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Good or Evil. Either Or.

October 2003

Last week the headmaster from the school my daughter attended through fifth grade was arrested for child pornography. It seems that he was entering chat rooms for 13- and 14-year-olds and sending them graphic pictures of things he would like to do to them. I forced myself to write the last two sentences. It is the only way to make real the fact that someone I know — an old, old friend —

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A Drug Addict's Random Thoughts ... as Told to Me.

Recovering Drug Addict & Pirate As Told To Chris “The difference between a thief and a drug addict is a thief will steal from you and deny it. A drug addict will steal from you and help you look for what’s missing.” Chris asked me why I keep calling myself a recovering drug addict. She said that she felt I was more than that and I should find myself another way to describe me.

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Focus & My Ex Husband

Much is written about being in the moment, whatever that means. I had an epiphany today. It’s not just about being in the moment; it’s about turning moments into habits. Let me explain.

Someone for whom we were writing something mentioned that she has her Saturday “Mommy–Daughter Day.” She doesn’t plug in on Saturdays; she and her daughter plan a full day together. and it’s written in stone, or blood, or whatever ink is used

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Bayley: Well Trained Terrorist

I’m pretty sure Bayley is being trained by the Taliban at night to be a terrorist. It’s really the only possibility because during the day, she is constantly with me, so there is no other access to her. They have taught her well.

She never strikes in the same place twice, so when you have protected the vulnerable location where she previously struck, she moves on to other locations along the perimeter. It’s really quite

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Abraham, Martin & John

Martin Luther King Day.

There was a song from the sixties, Abraham Martin & John, that personified the racially-charged times in which we lived back then. I used to listen to it over and over again. It occurred to me this morning, Martin Luther King Day, that it points out what is possible when leaders step forward to help us rise to our best selves.

My generation is really lucky. We have lived and watched

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