Pollyanna in Pants: Watergate & Mueller Report is Not the Same

Screen Shot 2019-05-05 at 5.58.11 PMI have a really smart person in my life to whom I speak daily about everything, including a lot of politics. He’s a Pollyanna in pants. I keep jumping up and down and screaming into the bushes that the republic is falling and isn’t it awful, and he keeps telling me to wait it out. He says that just like with Watergate, the exposure of each layer of yet another felony will whittle away at the road we are on, and Trump will go down the way Nixon did.

He’s smart, Mr. Pollyanna in Pants. He does his homework. He had me reading about Magruder’s testimony about the “slippage” of his moral fiber, and that of those around him, when Nixon was Trump-like in his demand for actions that were this side of the prison door shutting behind him. (Remember, Magruder did time.) With each “slip,” he went deeper into the hole of darkness that surrounds one when leaving behind everything he or she used to stand for in order to stand next to a crazy man. I am sure Comey read it before he penned his fabulous editorial about how this came to be.

Then this week, a new CNN poll came out that says that Trump has a 41% approval rating, higher than Obama at this time in his presidency.

So here is where I am: I am not now, nor have I ever been worried in a long-term sense about D.T. He will expire, one way or another, like the cans on my shelves. I am worried that the difference between Watergate and now is that with every Watergate discovery, the members of the public all came from the same sense of right and wrong, and that is why Nixon fell. This is not that. More and more Americans have found themselves in slippage mode, giving up what they would have said was their moral fiber to join the practice of ignoring what is inevitably right and wrong, and feeding the anger inside about that which will serve them better. 41% of the country’s citizens hold the values (or should I say, lack of values) that Trump spews like vitriolic acid.

The country rose up during Watergate — against it. The country now is doing the opposite; they are joining together in support of the president.

I have someone who is sort of related whom I don’t know that well. She is a Christian, or, at least, presents herself that way. She has a baby girl and a toddler. They go to church. She sells Tupperware. Her father is here from Romania. (I’m not sure about his visa, but it would be interesting to see how she would respond if Trump decided the people from Easter Europe shouldn’t get a free ride here either.) She loves her roots and shares them as part of who she is. She is anti-abortion (which I understand totally; it’s in line with her presentation of herself). She posts around these issues and about her fabulous family. She never posts about the immigrants that have been abused by our country or the outrageous anti-Christian actions that our country is committing over and over again. I know she will teach her children not to lie, but she never calls out the lies that permeate the actions of our government. We had one political discussion and she said she had read the book about Hillary Clinton (which is filled with factual inaccuracies). I told her it wasn’t factual and asked her if she would like me to send her some information that would better inform her. She replied, “No.” And it was a firm no. So, this woman who is raising her family with honorable ‘Christian’ values is a Trump supporter — which is against those values. She is the one I’m worried about. Does she ever look in the mirror and call herself out on her inconsistency?

Did 41% of Americans support Nixon after Watergate was exposed? No way. The entire House and Senate turned on him. Ours have not.

So, my fear is not about who is in power. My fear is about who my neighbor is.

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