Lobsters and Me

imagesAs is our phone custom, my beloved Aunt Molly and I were catching up on nothing important, when her doorbell rang and her neighbor dropped off two lobsters, fresh off the boat.

“Two lobsters?” I said. “Are you having someone for dinner?”

“No,” she replied. “I’ll cook them both, eat one of them tonight, and then the other tomorrow.”

“In a sandwich?”

“Yes, that is the best part. Lobster sandwich.”

“Really?” I said. “So you like the sandwich better than the at-the-table-dripping-in-butter part?”


My aunt and often I tackle major issues on the phone, but this conversation really led to some deep lobster consideration, which then led me to the realization that I’m lobster confused.

Can we talk about lobsters honestly? I want to like eating lobster, and I love the idea of eating lobsters, drenched in butter on a picnic table outside, with a perfect setting sun in the sky, a slight chill in the air, and not a bug to be seen. But the truth is, the best part of the entire thing is not the meat itself, but the breaking of the shells and the hammering of something at a dinner table. Only with lobsters can you do that and not be considered barbaric. So, do I like the taste of lobster, or the lobster process?

Then there is the lobster trading. I’m a great lobster partner. I really only like the claws, and a trade of the tail for a claw (or sometimes two claws if I negotiate well) usually makes me the most popular person at the table. But I’m not even sure that I do like the claws better than the tail. Maybe I just like to be the most popular person at the table, with the tail as a commodity to trade to the highest claw bidder. Or maybe I just like the more complicated process of getting the meat out of the claws better than I like the cut-and-pull-out-process of the tail extraction. It’s so confusing.

Then there is the butter thing. To be honest, I don’t like the look or the feel of melted butter. It’s actually gross. Butter dripping on your chin? Not pretty. Seriously.

Maybe I love the memories of going with Aunt Molly to check her lobster pots in Maine and Manchester and never knowing what would be in the pots when we pulled them up? Maybe sitting outside eating the suckers takes me back to my teen years, which were certainly less complicated for me than my adult life turned out to be. No cell phone on our little boat, which had a hand-maneuvered outboard motor on the back of it. Those were easy times. So maybe that is why I pretend to like lobster.

Enough about the lobster. I get it. But when you realize that you don’t know if you really like something you always thought you liked, it’s fair to put it out there for consideration. For those of you who thought you were sure about lobsters, and now have to explore the actuality of it … sorry. Sort of.

My Friend Lorie

May I take a moment to tell you about my friend Lorie? She has known me a very long time. Since college. Neither of us has done anything remarkable really. She stayed in Nebraska after college and I came east, so I guess the most remarkable thing about us is that we have stayed friends all these years—best friends, really—without having much in common in our day-to-day lives, beliefs, or interests. Oh, there were years

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Donald Trump's Fifteen Minutes of Fame

I am so sad about our country and the discourse around the presidential election coming before us in a short year and a few months. These are serious times, and all I see in the media is that which is beneath the discourse I’m hoping to hear.

So, of course, in my typical fashion, I go to the movies.

Here is the fabulous speech for The American President, written by the great Aaron Sorkin, and

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Those who know me well know that I’ve wanted to get a tattoo for a long time. If I were allowed to blog about fabulous daughter Sarah, I would say that she made it very clear that if I got a tattoo my motherhood status would sink to zero. Since I never wanted her to dye her hair and she hasn’t, I have steered away from the parlors that beckon.

When asked what I want

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Father's Day is Over

It’s over. Thank God. It’s the second Father’s Day without my dad, but this one was awful. Not that I spent many Father’s Days with my dad, or even sent a gift. It was a phone call holiday and often rushed. But with everyone posting this and that about their fabulous fathers, I felt lost.

So here it is. A day late, and for sure a dollar short, because I never said anything kind to

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Return to Normandy. Colonel John J. Wessmiller's Story

Through my podcast, Screen Thoughts, in which Emily O’Toole and I (using the alias, Justine Hollister) talk about all things on the screen, I was invited to a rough cut screening of Return to Normandy, a short film about Colonel John J. Wessmiller’s return to Normandy, more than seventy years after he landed there on D-Day. You all remember D-Day—we learned about it in high school. We learned the date when it took place, that

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Kayla Mueller


There are those that travel parallel roads to ours that show us another way – a singular lifetime dedication toward helping others. Kayla Mueller was one of those people. When I read her letter to her family, I realized I’d heard the sentiment before. Anne Frank wrote much of the same.

“In spite of everything I still believe that people are really good at heart. I simply can’t build up my hopes on a foundation

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Brian Williams & You & Me


I really like Brian Williams. He’s very cute. His daughter, Allison, reminds me of my fabulous daughter about whom I’m not allowed to blog. He’s very funny. I especially like him on David Lettermen. The two of them combined are like what you want your dad to be. When I heard last week about his demise – his fall from grace surrounding his exaggeration of his exposure to danger in the middle east – I

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Me & My NStar Posse in The Hilton Lobby During the Storm of 2015

January 27, 2015. Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

NSTARIMG_2694 (Click to watch the video of my posse.)

I’m a smart girl. I live on Cape Cod mostly, and when a snowstorm comes in, I can pretty much count on no electricity … sometimes for days. I’m also a glass-half-full girl, but in this case, the water in the glass freezes fast and I’m stuck, so I hedge my bets. I found out that the NStar guys (those

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Movies, TV, and Me


Hello loyal Freesia Lane followers….

It’s me, terrified Christine.

I love movies. I love t.v. (or some of it), and I have really smart friends. One friend, in particular, is an award-winning documentarian, and she and I get going on movies and t.v. and the end game is me leaving with my head spinning. I love it.

Long story short, when we were at dinner with a third friend (yes, I do have more than

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